Games Workshop Tape Measure

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A tape measure, marked in inches or centimetres, is required to measure movement distances and the range of weapons and abilities.

The Games Workshop Tape Measure extends to 10ft/120″, is marked in both centimetres and inches, and features an auto-locking blade. A soft rubber exterior provides a comfortable grip and is embossed with the Games Workshop logo.

1 review for Games Workshop Tape Measure

  1. helpme1986 (verified owner)

    Whilst you can use a normal measuring tape, this has a slighty different design.

    Usually you need to pullout the tape then apply the lock for it to hold, this measuring tape is the reverse of that… this one you pull it out and it stays there until you press the button.

    Little unusual to start with but worth getting used to as it does make measuring easier

    Knocked off a star as the button to retract is a little sensitive (and ive knocked it a few times) but also somes it doesnt retract fully, not sure whats causing this yet however the simple fix is to fully extend the tape to the end then retract again.

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