Vampire The Masquerade : Rivals – Tournament 10th July 2022

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Join us for our first Vampire The Masquerade : Rivals Tournament!

Prizing will consist of Renegade’s Season 1.1 Kit – this includes a Freddy Usher promo card for every entrant, and playmats for the top two players.

Intended format will be 2 rounds of 4 player games (but subject to change depending on turnout)

Arrive from 11:30am for a Midday start.

As our first event it’s difficult to gauge interest and we have 2 kits ordered, catering for 8 players. Please do book your tickets early so that we have time to order additional kits if it looks like we’ll need them 🙂

We hope to make this a regular event and plan to be running tournaments for the rest of this season and future seasons.


Each player must bring the following materials to any tournament.
● A 40 to 60 card Library deck
● A 7-card Faction deck
● 1 Haven card
● 1 Agenda card
● A 27-card City Deck
● 3 sets of tokens (Leader and Blood/Prestige) in 3 different colors. The Blood/Prestige
value of each color must total exactly 32 and may not include more than six ‘3-value’
tokens. You may bring 32 ‘1-value’ tokens if you wish.
● Rival tokens 1-4
● 1 1st Player Token
● At least 13 Agenda tokens
● At least 4 ‘No Influence’ tokens
● Any other tokens that your deck may require (-1 BP, Fear, etc.)
● 2 deck lists, with player name and the contents of each deck (a blank PDF decklist is
attached as the last page of this document)

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