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Splash! is a fast-paced, nail-biting dexterity game. Can you outwit your opponents and force them to topple the tower?

What’s in the box?

30 wooden pieces
14 water drop tokens
How to play:

Distribute the pieces among the players equally.

The first player starts the game by giving one of their pieces to the player on their left. The player must place this piece on the table, forming the base of a tower. Then in turn this player gives one of their pieces to the player on their left, who continues building the tower – and so on.

Each new piece must be placed on top of the highest uncovered piece in the tower that is the same shape or the same colour. It must not touch the table or any other pieces.

During their turn, the active player must, if possible, give the player on their left a piece that can be placed legally (i.e. matching the shape or colour) at the top of a tower. If a player does not have a suitable piece, they must choose one from another player’s and give it to the player on their left.

If the tower is still standing, the play continues. If the tower has fallen down, the player who

gave the piece that forced their neighbour to collapse a tower receives one water drop token. The highest tower on the table will now form the base of a new tower.

The game ends either when a player successfully places the last piece from their stock, or when a player collects three water drops – in both cases they are declared the winner!


Splash! comes in a handy travel sized tin – ideal for on-the-go gaming!


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