Cockroach Salad (Multi-lingual version)

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In Cockroach Salad players create a common salad packed with lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and cauliflower – but they won’t always be saying which ingredient they’re adding to the bowl!

The 128 cards – 120 vegetable cards in the four types and eight “taboo” vegetable cards, two of each type that bear cockroaches – are shuffled and divided among the players. On a turn, a player plays the top card from his deck onto the central pile of cards, naming the vegetable as he plays it, e.g., “Pepper!” – except in the following situations:

• If his vegetable matches the previously played vegetable, the player must lie.
• If his vegetable matches the claim made by the previous player (perhaps because that player lied), then the player must lie.
• If he plays a taboo card, he shouts “Cockroach!” and the next player starts a new pile next to the first one so that the taboo card remains visible.
• If his vegetable matches a visible taboo card, he must lie.

Make a mistake or stumble or hesitate too long, and a player must pick up all cards played to that point in the game. The first player to run out of cards wins!

1 review for Cockroach Salad (Multi-lingual version)

  1. Eleanor

    So confusing but so hilarious!

    The aim is to create a salad as a group, but of course it’s not as simple as it sounds. Put simply, the rules are that you HAVE to tell the truth, unless one of the other rules means that you can’t. Spend the game getting thoroughly confused as you get suck in chains of lies and laughing at your friends when mistakes are made.

    Whenever I play this with my friends, everyone always finds it hysterical and people always go away saying they need to buy their own copy!

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