What will be your legacy?

Tuesday, 17 October 2017  |  Russ

With the release of Pandemic Legacy : Season 2 next week I wanted to talk briefly about Legacy games and get your thoughts about them...

If you don't already know - a legacy game is a game where the story, rules, board, components, etc can all change over the course of a series of games...you will likely also have to destroy game parts and sometimes once you've played through the story you can't play the game anymore. In the case of Pandemic Legacy Season 1, you will play between 12 and 24 games (most people seem to have played around 18 games)

I was a bit late to the party really - I wasn't sure if a Legacy game would be worthwhile (I like being able to replay games as often as I want... but then again, I have many games that I haven't even played that many times!) so I watched The Dice Tower's complete playthrough of Pandemic Legacy Season 1 from start to finish...it looked amazing! I really wanted to play this game and I had just spoiled it for myself...Doh! Anyway, a year or more later and I've forgotten most of what was in the game and Kelly and the kids had no idea, so we are finally playing Pandemic Legacy Season 1 now and having a great time with it! 

One benefit of a Legacy game is that rather than playing the same story, the same scenario over and over, the game evolves and tells a story while it's doing so. It may start out simple, but as time passes and various events happen new rules are revealed and gameplay changes...and while it is the same basic gameplay, those little extra rules, goals, etc keep it fresh and gently ramp up, keeping things interesting.

The first time a game tells you to tear up or destroy a component it feels so wrong....so naughty! I'm used to looking after my games and keeping them pristine, it's such an alien thing to do - but do it... it's somewhat cathartic...you'll soon be wanting to rip up more stuff! I think that destroying stuff is part of what makes a Legacy game so engaging - the jeopardy of losing/changing something or someone or somewhere permanently, never to return makes those decisions more real and draws you further into the theme/story of the game you are playing. I really believe that everyone should try a Legacy game at least once.

So, now that we are hooked what does the future hold? Well, I already mentioned Season 2 of Pandemic Legacy is coming next week (and no, you don't need to have played season 1 first, but I highly recommend doing so) and if it's like Season 1 it won't really be playable after you've finished but there is another option... Charterstone is due out around Late November/Early December and this one, instead of destroying stuff this Legacy game sees you building a village and will result in a fully replayable game, that's unique to you, at the end of the campaign. (Both titles are available to preorder on our website now)

What are your thoughts on Legacy games? Have you played any? Did you enjoy it? Are you looking forward to trying (another) one? Let us know in the comments below :) 

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