Weekly Newsletter 22/09/2017

Friday, 22 September 2017  |  Russ

This is a copy of the weekly email newsletter that we sent out today... 

Next week is pretty quiet for new additions, so let me tell you about a new feature we've been trialling this week...

We are having a 'Deal of the Day' every weekday - a special price on one game each day that lasts just 24 hours and when they're gone - they're gone!

We have added a new button to the menu on the website which will take you directly to that day's deal. But, if you haven't already, be sure to like and follow our Facebook page and our Twitter account as they'll also be announced there each morning.

Deal of the Day Price (w Free Shipping) : £17.49

A bluffing deduction game for everyone.

At the beginning of the round each player receives a card that tells them if they are the Chameleon or hunting the Chameleon. Two dice are rolled and this gives everyone (except the Chameleon) the coordinates to a specific word on a Topic Card – this is the Secret Word for the round. Each Topic Card features 16 related words (e.g. countries, books, food, etc.)


New Releases/Additions :


The year is 1667 and you are a pirate sailing the waters of the Caribbean. A Spanish Galleon floats nearby, and you’ve talked your crewmates into working together to steal all of its treasure. What you haven’t told your fellow pirates is that you have no intentions on sharing the treasure once you have it. Your crewmates have told you that they share your loyalty and that they’ll help you maroon the greedy pirates on your ship to the rocky island of Tortuga. But you’ve seen your friends’ loaded pistols and heard their whisperings of a mutiny. You know that nobody can be trusted.

£23.99 (includes Free postage by Royal Mail 24)

The year is 1692, and it is a perilous time to live in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. One wrong step, or one misplaced accusation, and you could be the next witch to hang. "Salem" takes players into this perilous world and lets them re-live the tension, politics, and religious extremism that still has people talking about it 300 years later.

£23.99 (includes Free postage by Royal Mail 24)

Hopefully those images came through in the right places ;)

We hope you have a good weekend, 

Best Wishes, Russ & Kelly




Shipping Update

2nd June 2020 : We are still shipping, but only on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays (Midday Cutoff)

Whilst most parcels do arrive next day after dispatch, please be aware that the postal system is under heavy load and some delays should be expected during this difficult time.

For more information please see this update