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Weekly Newsletter 21/09/2018

Friday, 21 September 2018  |  Russ

Welcome to our weekly newsletter!

Geek & Buy at the weekend was excellent, it was great to see quite a few of you guys there! It's certainly grown since the first event
last year, we're looking forward to next year already! :)

This week's and next week's new arrivals follow below...

Detective : A Modern Crime Board Game

In Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game you are going to solve FIVE different cases and find out what connects them, you are going to BREAK THE 4th WALL by using every resource you can, you are going to browse the game's DEDICATED DATABASE simulating agency's resources, you will enter a city maze of old mysteries and fresh CRIME, and you will be able to COOPERATE with other agents or solve the mystery on your own.
37.99 (Released 26th September)



The smartest minds of our generation are gathering together at the Great Science Fair. Everyone's been working hard on their creations, but only one will be crowned champion. Contestants have to think on the fly to build their machines quickly and efficiently. Whose project will be the best?

29.99 (Released 28th September)

Trans Europa

Now it is time to go railroading in Europa. Just like TransAmerica, players work together building a railroad network, but this time it is across Europe instead of the United States. The first to have their five cities connected wins the round - the others lose points for being too slow! After 3-4 rounds, the player with the most points wins the game!

29.99 (Out Now)

The White Box

The White Box is a learning, planning, and prototyping tool for tabletop game designers. Inside you’ll find The White Box Essays, a book of 25 essays on game design and production. It covers subjects like where to find a great concept, how to use randomness, what to ask playtesters, whether you should self-publish, how to crowdfund wisely, and what to do at game conventions.
The White Box also contains a ton of components to get you designing right away.
23.99 (Restock, Out Now)

Sagrada 5-6 Player Expansion

As well as expanding Sagrada's player count this expansion also introduces Private Dice Pool boards for a quicker gameplay experience at higher player counts. There will also be new private and public objectives, tools, and window cards.

£18.99 (Restock, Out Now)

We are also expecting loads of 'Folded Space' inserts/organizers early next week! Stay tuned to our Facebook page to find out when!

Best Wishes, Russ & Kelly