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Weekly Newsletter 17/3/2018

Saturday, 17 March 2018  |  Russ

Welcome to our weekly newsletter!

We've had a few games slip under our radar recently (unfortunately, being a small company, we're unable to stock everything that comes out (there's a LOT!)). If there's something on the horizon or coming soon that you are waiting for or interested in, please, please, please let us know so that we can make an extra effort to try to get it in for you :) 

We have a fair few lines being restocked next week as well as some new releases - highlights follow...

These are arriving Tuesday/Wednesday, but are available to order now :) 

Star Wars Legion : Core Set

A Star Wars miniatures game!

There are a lot of expansions for this game, too many for us to stock, so please let us know if you'd like us to get any of them in for you :)



Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective : Carlton House & Queen's Park

This long awaited sequel contains 10 cases from older, long out of print expansions to the original game


Arkham Horror The Card Game : Dim Carcosa Mythos Pack

The 6th and final mythos pack in the Carcosa cycle.



Tokaido 5th Anniversary Edition

As the name suggests, this is a special anniversary edition of the game featuring new artwork, board, meeples, etc


Kune V Lakia

An interesting 2 player game that has you trying to divide the assets of two royal rabbits who are divorcing... 



A word game where you get your letters by deck-building!



Best Wishes, Russ & Kelly