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Weekly Newsletter 10/08/2018

Friday, 10 August 2018  |  Russ

Welcome to our weekly newsletter!

Apologies for the lack of newsletter last week - I had hoped to send one out, but we were at Field of Games and we were busier than expected and the heat didn't help! I don't know about you, but I'm thankful for the rain of the last couple of days, it's made things a lot more comfortable again :) 

Check out this awesome time-lapse video of the event :

Last year we had approximately 40-50 attendees - this year we had over 100! Early indications are that we will likely at least double in size again or possibly even triple next year! This means there may come a time when we have to limit tickets. In order try to prevent this and to plan for next year's event pre-registration is available here : to give us a better idea of how much growth we will see this time and how many we need to try to cater for. 

Okay, so we have a bumper crop of new arrivals next week, all are available to order now to avoid disappointment.....

Azul (in stock now)

A long awaited restock of this mega popular tile laying game that has just won the Spiel des Jahres (International Game of the Year)

If you've not tried it, grab a copy before it sells out yet again!


Patchwork Express (in stock now)

A new, simplified version of the tile-laying, quilt making 2 player game


Scythe : The Rise of Fenris (arriving next week)

This final expansion for Scythe brings (amoung other things) a campaign mode with secrets and unlocks along the way!

The modules used in the campaign are fully resettable and replayable as you choose and include a co-operative mode!


My Little Scythe (arriving next week)

A rethemed, simplified version of Scythe - ideal for kids and families.

A lovely package that includes and awesome insert and even a painting guide for painting the cute miniatures!


Big Trouble in Little China (arriving next week)

A restock of this game based on the classic movie.


Deadpool vs The World (arriving next week)

Deadpool is the star of this new, adult themed party game for 3-10 players


Boss Monster : Rise of the Minibosses (arriving next week)

A new standalone game which is an ideal jumping on point if you're new to Boss Monster - but can also be combined with the other games in the series


Star Trek Fluxx (arriving next week)

The Fluxx series of games Boldly Goes Where no Man has gone before!


(Check out our bundle deal which gives you the Bridge expansion for free!)

Star Trek The Next Generation Fluxx (arriving next week)

This time 'baldly' going where no-one has gone before ;)


(Check out our bundle deal which gives you the Bridge expansion for free!)

Star Trek Fluxx : Bridge Expansion (arriving next week)

Both Star Trek Fluxx games can be shuffled and combined, but this deck makes them mix up even better!

The Bridge Keeper lets you take control of either Enterprise, and a host of new Goals let Kirk meet Picard, Spock meet Data, and the Past meet the Future!


(Check out our bundle deal which gives you the Bridge expansion for free!)

Monty Python Fluxx : Black Knight Expansion (arriving next week)


Best Wishes, Russ & Kelly