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We give great prices all of the time - we don't need 'Black Friday'

Thursday, 23 November 2017  |  Russ

So, tomorrow is 'Black Friday' and then comes 'Cyber Monday'... another American 'tradition' that seems to have crept over here, however, it is not one that we at The Board Game Hut are interested in picking up...

The main reason for this is that we try to offer our best prices all year round and make sure you get great value whenever you buy from us. If we were to further discount those competitive prices we'd be selling at cost - or even at a loss - and we'd rather stay in business than go out of business.

We already have a deal of the day each day (be sure to follow our Facebook Page or check the Deal of the Day in the menu each day) where we offer a fantastic, special price on one game each weekday. 

We also have a 'Dent & Ding' section where you can pick up a bargain if you don't mind some minor damage to your box (most of it is VERY minor, I'm just really fussy lol)

And finally, we do also have plans for a clearance sale very soon - probably in a week or so - so keep an eye our for that.

Remember, we're not interested in giving you great prices on one weekend of the year, we do it all year long! :) 

(On a personal note I really dislike the concept of this festival of greed where people just buy stuff because it's super cheap and not because it's something they need)