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Weekly Newsletter 12/11/2018

Monday, 12 November 2018  |  Russ

Welcome to our weekly newsletter!

How are you? Not feeling the Monday blues too much we hope :)

Going forward, we are going to be sending the weekly newsletter on a Monday now instead of Friday evenings, hopefully we can help brighten your Monday's with the week's new releases ;) (It means we won't be as rushed writing it up if the disitributors don't send us our information on time)

Anyway, on with this week's new releases which will all be in stock in a few days and are available to order now...


KeyForge Booster x 3

KeyForge is released this week and is a brand new concept in card games. Every deck in the game is unique and is played straight out of the box and cannot be modified.
This makes it ideal for people like me who love the idea of head to head card games but have neither the time nor inclination to build decks!
Unfortunately the starter set is sold out to preorders, but we do have plenty of single decks on their way if you can get the tokens from Fat Cat Gaming/Etsy/etc and download the rules online.
Due to postage costs, we are selling them as a triple pack rather than singles, but you can get extra single decks as an add-on 
We also have game mats available, but they may be slightly delayed and arriving towards the end of the week.


Board Game Promo Advent Calendar 2018

We sold out of this back in October and have ordered a small restock due to demand, at the time of writing we have just 5 copies unaccounted for. I seriously doubt we will get any more stock as it's getting very close to December now, so if you want one, please don't delay.



The River

In The River, the mayoral players each want to develop land along a river bed in their town, collect resources from the area, and construct buildings that will bring new people to town. Some residents will perish along the way or perhaps merely be retired, although the effect is the same. You'll need more citizens to do all that you want to do, which includes making nicely organized landscapes to please the aestheticians in town.


Holding On : The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr

"All my life I've kept my mouth shut - out of loyalty, out of fear... out of shame. And look where it's got me, lying here with my rear-end hanging out of a blue gown, all you lot fussing around me. Sure, that's no way to live. No way to die."
Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr is a co-operative game where players work as nursing staff tasked with providing care for the terminally ill. Your latest patient has been rushed in following a massive heart attack on a flight from Sydney to London. When the game begins, all you know is this - his name is Billy Kerr, he is sixty years old, and he has been given days to live.
Players must work together to provide Billy with appropriate care, responding to medical emergencies while gaining his trust. Over ten fully replayable Scenarios, you will need to piece together a lifetime of memories while being drawn deeper into his troubled past. As you discover more about Billy, can you help him find the courage required to confront the three regrets that keep him holding on?
Dealing with themes of dying and regret, Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr invites players to experience the extraordinary life of an ordinary person in their final days.


Architects of the West Kingdom

Architects of the West Kingdom is set at the end of the Carolingian Empire, circa 850 AD. As royal architects, players compete to impress their King and maintain their noble status by constructing various landmarks throughout his newly appointed domain. Players need to collect raw materials, hire apprentices, and keep a watchful eye on their workforce. These are treacherous times, and rival architects will stop at nothing to slow your progress. Will you remain virtuous, or be found in the company of thieves and black marketeers?
The aim of Architects of the West Kingdom is to be the player with the most victory points (VP) at game's end. Points are gained by constructing various buildings and advancing work on the Archbishop's cathedral. Throughout the game, players need to make a lot of moral decisions. However, only at game's end will their virtue be judged. A few underhanded deals here and there might not seem like much, but fall too far and you will be punished. The game ends once a set number of constructions have been completed.


Iron Clays (Retail Edition)

A set of 100 Iron Clays in 5 denominations for designed use with Brass (suitable for other games too)
40 "1" Clays
20 "5" Clays
10 "10" Clays
20 "20" Clays
10 "100" Clays
1 Plastic Storage Tray with Lid


Alitplano : The Traveler

A traveler wanders through the South American highlands and brings the inhabitants new ideas from his travels. Anyone who meets him can take advantage of these assets. A public trading point makes it possible to obtain rare goods in exchange for opals. And a variety of fortunes adds even more diversity to life among the mountain ranges in Bolivia and Peru.
With Altiplano: The Traveler, the planning of moves in Altiplano becomes more important and accessibility to resources becomes more interactive. Above all, the assets that may be purchased from the traveller open up completely new ways to increase one's own wealth. But unforeseen fortunes sometimes demand spontaneous decisions which influence planning.
Thus, the drive for success in this inhospitable region turns into a completely new challenge! Who's prepared for this?


Transformers Trading Card Game : Metroplex Deck

The METROPLEX Deck contains the cards for one player to bring the Titan METROPLEX into the TRANSFORMERS Trading Card Game experience. It features the METROPLEX, SCAMPER, SIX-GUN, and SLAMMER character cards and a 40-card deck of battle cards including three battle cards--Rally the City, Height Advantage and Protected by Metroplex—not available in the AUTOBOTS Starter Set or the TRANSFORMERS Trading Card Game Booster Packs.


Arkham Horror The Card Game : Shattered Aeons Mythos Pack

Shattered Aeons is the sixth and final Mythos Pack in The Forgotten Age cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.
In The Forgotten Age, you journeyed to the darkest corners of Central America in search of a lost Aztec city-state. What you found during your expedition may be the greatest scientific discover of the age, but it could also be the Earth's undoing.
Throughout The Forgotten Age cycle, you have tried to set your mistakes to right, chasing answers about the mysterious artifact your uncovered and those who pursue it. Retracing your path south, you have uncovered secrets that threaten your entire understanding of the world, of time, and of humanity's place in the universe. Now, the last and greatest of your questions will be answered in Shattered Aeons. But be wary- mere mortals may not be meant to gain such knowledge and the truths you seek may destroy what little remains of your sanity.

Best Wishes, Russ & Kelly