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Duelosaur Island Review by Mark Ellis

Thursday, 17 January 2019  |  Russ

My wife and I enjoy Dinosaur Island, but brother does it take up some table space, even with two players. Duelosaur Island scratches that itch without the 10 minutes of setup and acre of real estate.

Essentially a drafting game with a bit of engine building in there it has a great "I cut, you choose" mechanic where one player sets up the draft choices and the other player makes the first pick creating interesting decisions: you want this card/dice, so do you pair it with a less attractive bonus to try and sway your opponent away from picking it or make it nicer for yourself and try and temp them with something you know they want.

The final twist in the draft is whatever item neither player takes will potentially increase the risk of your dinosaur park having a security break down, costing you points!

Plastic pieces and cardboard tiles from the original are replaced with multi purpose cards and the game includes a solo mode that I haven't tried yet.

A good game for couples who want something a bit heavier than Snap to play.