Shipping Update

4th July 2020 : We are still shipping, but only on Monday, Wednesday & Fridays (Midday Cutoff)

SHOP NOW OPEN - Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm

Coronavirus Update 17th March 2020

Tuesday, 17 March 2020  |  Russ

Special Coronavirus Update...

This is a copy of the update we just posted on our Facebook page - we wanted to get it to as many people as possible, hence this extra newsletter. For the most up to date information we recommend liking/following our Facebook page at

We remain open (in-store and online) for the time being but we will need your help & support during this difficult time.

These have been difficult decisions to make - this is our livelihood, and for many of you, your local playing space - which is why we didn't update yesterday evening - we couldn't responsibly make a knee-jerk decision and so took some time to consider the situation and our options.

We have suspended all Organised Play - we didn't want to risk players who should be self-isolating not wanting to miss out on prizing and coming along and putting everyone else at risk so there will be no organised KeyForge or Pokemon events effective immediately.

However, we are not closing down in-store gaming until we are forced to - BUT, we are trusting you to act responsibly - if you, or anyone you've been in contact with recently, has any symptoms or should be self-isolating please DO NOT come appears that Kelly (and at least one of our other customers) may be in the 'At Risk' group!

Remember, we were online, making deliveries before we opened our Bricks & Mortar store - if you're ill and need a game to keep you entertained during your time at home, please do order online and we'll post out as normal.....if you're local we may even be able to hand-deliver (contact free) to you!

We continue to clean thoroughly, including regular disinfecting of surfaces, tables, door handles, etc.

Many local businesses are going to struggle during this time - especially those where people gather - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try and support your local stores & venues where you're able.

Gift Vouchers (if they do them) are a great way to support a store where you currently have nothing to buy at the moment.

This is not just about us, ALL small businesses ARE going to struggle and some WILL fail and disappear.

Most of all though, please stay safe and look after yourselves, your loved ones and your vulnerable neighbours.


Best Wishes, Russ & Kelly