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It's curious how coincidences can happen and bring games to your attention...

Friday, 8 September 2017  |  Russ

It's curious how coincidences can happen and bring games to your attention...

I tend not to like many older board games, many haven't aged well and show their age, but at last weekend's Field of Games we got to play a few older games - one of which was Ave Caesar - a great little card driven racing game with a good dose of take that thrown in, it was great fun and didn't feel that old - I fancied getting a copy myself, but it's out of print and I'm not paying £95 for a copy on ebay.

Anyway, among next week's new arrivals is a game called Downforce, a card-driven racing game with awesome little F1 style cars, so it caught my eye - it's board reminded me a bit of Ave Caesar. I always try to research games before I stock them, so I went to YouTube to check it out and found a review on The Dice Tower. It looked great... and then Tom Vasel said that his favourite racing game was Ave Caesar... but that he likes this one more! I was sold and it's arriving next week :)


You can check out the review of Downforce here

It's published by Restoration Games, a new publishing company with Rob Daviau (of Pandemic Legacy fame) as their lead designer. They find older, out of print games and bring them up to date with a fresh new look and revised mechanics. I'm really looking forward to giving this one a try.

It's arriving in the middle of next week and costs just £32.99 (inc P&P) and you can order it here now :