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Game News

Tuesday, 28 August 2018  |  Russ
A Closer Look at... Everdell

I recently played Everdell at a friend's gaming day and liked it so much that I got impatient and have just bought a Kickstarter copy from somebody on Facebook. We played it again for a second time yesterday so I thought I'd tell you more about it :)

Wednesday, 27 September 2017  |  Russ
Are you going to explore the 7th Continent?

A couple of years ago I saw a new game looking for funding on Kickstarter - it was like nothing I'd seen before and promised exploration, story and it looked absolutely beautiful! It looked to be a 'Choose your own Adventure' book, in board game form - I loved those books as a kid and I REALLY wanted this game.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017  |  Russ
The Omnitray enters it's final week on Kickstarter!

We posted about the wonderful Omnitray on our Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, but in case you missed it, or you needed reminding we are going to talk about it again here :)

"Omnitray is a modular player aid that is fully customisable to keep your play area organised and will help speed up game play. Omnitray was not created with one particular game in mind, but was engineered to be utilised with many different games. It comes complete with a range of interchangeable modules that have a multitude of functions."

Thursday, 24 August 2017  |  Russ
In Case You Missed It : Clank! In! Space! Announced

In case you missed it - Clank! in! Space! was a surprise announcement at Gencon last week (yes, those exclamation marks are actually in the title!)

"The evil Lord Eradikus has all but conquered the galaxy, and is now on a victory lap across the sector in his flagship, Eradikus Prime. He may rule with an iron grip, but his most prized artifacts are about to slip through his cyborg claws. You and your fellow thieves have challenged each other to sneak aboard his ship, hack your way into its command module, and steal from him.
Along the way, you’ll recruit allies and snatch up extra loot. But one false step and—Clank! Careless noise draws the attention of Lord Eradikus. Hacking into his command module and stealing his artifacts increases his rage. You’d better hope your friends are louder than you are if you want to make it to an escape pod and get out alive…"

Wednesday, 23 August 2017  |  Russ
Days of Wonder has announced a new expansion for Ticket to Ride

Days of Wonder has announced a new, 6th expansion for Ticket to Ride & Ticket to Ride : Europe...

"Dive into thriving French culture during Impressionism and the Industrial Revolution; street cafes, "Starry Night", Paris boulevards, and Notre-Dame. The French railroad system is a blank canvas just waiting for your masterful strokes. However, before you can start claiming routes, you'll need to lay the tracks! Watch for your opponents, though, because they might claim the route you just spent so much time building...

This Ticket to Ride© expansion also includes the Old West map where up to 6 players develop their networks starting from their Home Cities. Claim cities along the way or take advantage of the other companies that have done the same. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to solve the Roswell Mystery…"


As much as we love Ticket to Ride, we have mixed feelings on this one - simply because I bought a lovely wooden storage box from Basically Wooden for Kelly for Christmas last year - the box holds both base sets and all 5 expansions.....this new 6th one won't fit in the box! ;)