Are you going to explore the 7th Continent?

Wednesday, 27 September 2017  |  Russ

A couple of years ago I saw a new game looking for funding on Kickstarter - it was like nothing I'd seen before and promised exploration, story and it looked absolutely beautiful! It looked to be a 'Choose your own Adventure' book, in board game form - I loved those books as a kid and I REALLY wanted this game.

At the time I didn't have the funds available to back it and I was gutted. It has recently been delivered to backers of that first Kickstarter and it appears to have delivered everything it promised - Oh my! How jealous I am! The good news though is that it's getting a second run on Kickstarter along with a new expansion - I backed it last night, along with around 9,000 other people - it's raised over $1.25m in just over 12 hours since it launched.

I can't talk a great deal about the game as I am limiting how much information I read so as not to spoil it for myself - it's a content driven game with a story and exploration - which means that once you've played through it, there's not much replayability (although I believe there are some random events, etc thrown in - which is good - but the overarching story and main areas will remain the same)

That sounds rather limiting in what is a rather expensive game (The pledge for the base game and new expansion is $129) - but that does get you over 1,200 cards and it looks like it'll be somewhere in the region of 100 hours on playing time! That doesn't sound bad value at all to me :) 

The cards are all numbered (like the paragraphs in those books I mentioned) and most go on the table and form the landscape of the 7th Continent. You then have different directions you can explore, various actions and puzzles to solve on the locations themselves...the aim of the game is to lift a curse that has been placed on you - you have to figure out where to go, and what to do when you get there.

I'm probably not doing it justice here, I strongly recommend you look for yourself - go take a look at

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