New Website!

Welcome to our new website!

We know it’s a bit wrenching when a website you’re used to changes and you have to register again and get used to a new system, but we believe the advantages outweigh the inconvenience.

Our old website was great, it did most of what we needed and it served us well for 3 years, but it started to feel rather limited and we couldn’t add new features.

Improvements with this new website include…

  1. Finally you can filter by ‘In Stock’! (This was one of the biggest bug-bears on the old website)
  2. Integrated website and till – since opening the shop we’ve been unable to integrate the website with the shop’s till system, which meant that every sale we made in the shop meant we had to go to the website’s back-end and manually adjust the stock levels. This new website is integrated and will automatically adjust stock levels for us.
  3. Expandability – This new website is built on WordPress and Woocommerce, massively popular software which is expandable by thousands and thousands of plugins – if there’s some functionality we want to add, there’s probably a plugin for it
  4. New Features already in place include improved tracking, a better preorder system (you have a preorder tab in your account area which clearly shows current estimated release dates), better gift cards (easier to use, set your own amount, even select a delivery date)
  5. Features that we are planning on adding soon include bookable tables & events along with a calendar, rewards for writing product reviews and so much more….possibly even auctions!

There will no doubt be teething troubles, but we hope you’ll agree that the change is a good one, and you’ll bear with us while we all get used to the new system 🙂

If you do have any issues, suggestions or anything else, please do get in touch


    1. Hi Karen, We do, but we’re currently in the process of moving to a new shop in a month’s time. If you keep an eye on our Facebook page ( we post all events up there 🙂

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