Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a new feature and is a work in progress, we will add more questions & answers as they crop up 🙂

Why does my basket show a 1p difference from the contents?

This appears to be an anomaly with the plugin we're using for the Friends of the Hut discount system.

We have contacted the developer to try to resolve this, but for the time being it's a 'feature' 😉

Why haven’t I received an order confirmation?

More often than not, if you've not seen an order confirmation it's because it's gone into your Spam/Junk email folder.

If it's not there, please get in touch with any queries 🙂

Why does my preorder have a ‘pay’ button when I already paid for it?

Preorders copied over from the old website have the 'pay' button because the order wasn't paid for on this new website it thinks it still needs paying for,. We've been unable to remove it without removing it from all orders.

Don't worry,  orders that we have copied over from the old website are all paid for and safe, if you are worried, of course feel free to get in touch to double-check  🙂

Will my order be well packed?

We pride ourselves on our packaging!

Over the years we have learned to package very well, usually with void fill between your game(s) and the outer packing box.

We do reuse packaging where we can (recycling is a good thing!), but we always make sure your games arrive in pristine condition no matter how rough the postal services treat them.

(We believe we could count on our fingers how many damaged deliveries we've had reported in the past 5 years!)

Does ‘in stock’ mean it’s actually in stock?


This may seem like a silly question, but it isn't - some stores list items they're expecting to arrive within a few days as being in stock in order to get your custom first. (Have you ever ordered an 'in stock' item and then wondered why it took them days to dispatch it?)

We do not do this - if the website says it's in stock then we physically have the game in our shop. Our shop till runs from our website, so our stock levels are real-time.

(Obviously mistakes do happen and we may have a stock error due to thieves or perhaps a customer buys an item in store just before you checked out, but this is VERY rare and unlikely)

Which postal services do you use?

The vast majority of UK orders are sent by Royal Mail 24 - most deliveries arrive next day, although this is not guaranteed.

Some heavier items are sent by DPD Next Day (Monday to Friday)

Heavier items going to addresses that are not part of the mainland UK tend to go by Hermes.

Where do you deliver to?

At the moment we only deliver within the UK

Your billing address can be outside of the UK, but the shipping address has to be in the UK (so if you're in Ireland and using Parcel Monkey in Northern Ireland we can still deliver to you)

We may resume international shipping once the Brexit transition is over and we can assess the costs.

Why isn’t my Friends of the Hut credit on my account yet?

At the moment,  we have to manually adjust your account funds for your Friends of the Hut monthly payments.

During waking hours, we normally get them added for you within 30 minutes of your payment going through. If you ordered during the night, then you can expect them to by done by 10am.

(We are hopeful that the developers of  the plugin we use will soon update it so that we can make it automated)

Are pre-orders guaranteed?

We do everything we can to ensure you receive your pre-order on it's release date, and the vast majority of pre-orders are supplied on time.

We only offer pre-orders for products which we have already pre-ordered with distributors. We also order extra copies to reduce the risk of shortages and give us some to left over to sell on release.

However, occasionally, on super popular titles one distributor does sometimes find themselves unable to fill all of their pre-orders. That in turn means sometimes we are short-supplied. When this happens we ship our available copies starting with the earliest preorders first.

We then email anybody who we were unable to supply and give them the option of waiting for a restock or cancelling and getting a full refund.

What about my preorders on the old website?

Your  existing, outstanding preorders are safe, we still have access to the old website and will be delivering them to you still when they arrive.

If you would like them copied over  to this website so you can see them, we just need you to let us know that you've registered on the new site and have preorders to transfer over.

(email to [email protected], or use the form on the contact us page is probably easiest - be sure to include your name & email address so we can match up your old and new accounts)