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Anachrony (Dinged - Grade 1)

Anachrony (Dinged - Grade 1)
 Anachrony (Dinged - Grade 1)Anachrony (Dinged - Grade 1) 
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Brand:  Mindclash Games
Game Type:  Worker Placement
Intended Audience:  General
Minimum Age:  15+
Player Count:  1-4
Game Duration:  60-120 minutes



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This copy has some box damage so is available at a lower price

  • Grade 1) Almost Perfect - Very Minor Corner Damage/Creased Box
  • Grade 2) Minor Damage - Corner Damage/Creased Box
  • Grade 3) Moderate Damage - Splits/Tears/Multiple Corners

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It is the late 26th century. Earth is recovering from a catastrophic explosion that exterminated the majority of the population centuries ago and made most of the surface uninhabitable due to unearthly weather conditions. The surviving humans organized along four radically different ideologies, called Paths, to rebuild the world as they see fit: Harmony, Dominance, Progress, and Salvation. Followers of the four Paths live in a fragile peace, but in almost complete isolation next to each other. Their only meeting point is the last major city on Earth, now just known as the Capital.

By powering up the mysterious Time Rifts that opened in the wake of the cataclysm, each Path is able to reach back to specific moments in their past. Doing so can greatly speed up their progress, but too much meddling may endanger the time-space continuum. But progress is more important than ever before: if the mysterious message arriving through the Time Rift is to be believed, an even more terrible cataclysm is looming on the horizon: an asteroid bearing the mysterious substance called Neutronium is heading towards Earth. Even stranger, the scientists show that the energy signature of the asteroid matches the explosion centuries ago...

Anachrony features a unique two-tiered worker placement system. To travel to the Capital or venture out to the devastated areas for resources, players need not only various Specialists (Engineers, Scientists, Administrators, and Geniuses) but also Exosuits to protect and enhance them — and both are in short supply.

The game is played in 4-7 turns, depending on the time when the looming cataclysm occurs (unless, of course, it is averted!). The elapsed turns are measured on a dynamic Timeline. By powering up the Time Rifts, players can reach back to earlier turns to supply their past "self" with resources. Each Path has a vastly different objective that rewards it with a massive amount of Victory Points when achieved. The Paths' settlements will survive the impact, but the Capital will not. Whichever Path manages to collect most points will be the new seat for the Capital, thus the most important force left on the planet...

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Tricky to explain, great to play
Wednesday, 16 January 2019  | 

This worker placement game has a great idea that I've not seen in any other game. Thematically it's basically 12 Monkeys, a world ending event has happened and you are travelling back in time to better prepare for it. You can't stop it, but you can save many people by making your city the safest place to be when it happens.

You place workers either on your personal player board or on the main board, the difference being to be able to work on the main board your workers (of which there are 4 types) must be inside biohazard suits to survive. You only have so many suits and they have to be powered to operate, so part of the game is gathering the power and resources to ensure you can keep making trips to the outside world.

The really clever part is the time travel aspect. If you really need a certain resource, you can "borrow" from yourself in the future, so long as when you reach the part of the time line from which you borrowed, you have the resource to "send back" to yourself. If you can't, then you create a paradox, which is no good and hinders your ability to work going forward.

Eventually you will reach the point where the event happens and that point all communal worker spots become one time use only and the game can be ended by any player who uses the last spot, creating a chicken scenario whee you have to decide if you really want to end the game or keep pushing for more points and hope no one else triggers the end.

As it says in the title this game can be tricky to teach due to the unique way it handles worker placement and the time travel aspect, but that uniqueness it what makes it great!

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