Affiliate Information

We know that many of you like to share our offers and news to help us and/or your friends and we think it's about time you were rewarded for that and so we are implementing an affiliate scheme which you may like to sign up for.

The scheme will reward you with a small percentage (currently 2%) of any orders from new customers that you send our way using your own special link...that may not sound like a great deal, but that 2% will also apply to all of those customers' orders for the following 6 months after you refer them so it can soon add up! We will monitor it though and may adjust up or down as needs be - we want it to be fair for you and for us as well :) 

We don't want you to go spamming our links all over the place though and creating a nuisance (if you do, we may have to remove you from the scheme) - just post as you normally would on Facebook, Twitter, etc....of course, you can do what you like with your own website.

All you need to do to sign up is to get in touch with your name, email and the name/domain you'd like your ID to be (it will appear in your special links). We will then message you back with confirmation and a temporary password (please change it) to login with. This will be separate to your customer account


Once you have emailed us your details and received confirmation of your affiliate name you will be able to use : '<your-affiliate-name>' to link to the homepage

You can also build links to individual products/pages on the site as well - just remove '.html' from the end (if it's there) and add '/ref/<your-affiliate-name>' to the end.

Feel free to use the banner below - we are working on some more (feel free to send us yours to share, graphic design is not my forte)

You will also be able to login to a special affiliates' page where you'll be able to monitor how many people have clicked your link and your earnings. This page updates clicks daily, so you may not be able to tell it's working until day 2. You can find the page at 

Earnings can be paid out in cash via PayPal or as store loyalty points, just get in touch and request a payment and tell us how you'd like it - we're not setting a minimum threshold at the moment, but please be sensible, we don't want to be spending hours each week sending 50p payments ;) There's a chance we may be able to add a bonus if you take it as loyalty points!


In summary, this is still a new feature and we will work to refine it to suit you (and us), we want to reward you for your support but we still have to make money to stay in business and margins are very tight.  If you have any feedback or suggestions please do let us know

We hope everyone will use it fairly and not abuse it and we do reserve the right to remove it on a per user or site-wide basis as needed.